Trailor Trashin’ Hoe Down

Okay…I’m a little scared at how much all my friends enjoy pretending to be white trash. Hehe…Jay and I went to my friend Lisa’s “Trailer Trashin’ Hoe Down” out in map(Rosharon|Rosharon, TX) (which is located about half-way between Alvin and Angleton…it’s so small, it doesn’t seem to be on the map!) on Saturday night, and let me tell you, it was a real experience. There was a birthday cake of towering Twinkies and Ho-hos, cheeze-whiz and spam galore, and even an expandable plastic camp jug full of the most potent, Robitussin-like jungle juice ever. And were the guests ever caught up in the act. There were fake tattoos and country hick accents all around. I really felt like a trip to the local Wal-mart was the only thing that would have made the evening more complete. And trust me, I’ve been to the Wal-mart in Alvin; we would have fit right in!

Check out the pics here.

I love technology

**** Warning … Technical post ahead ****

So today I added a few new little features. It may not seem like much right now, but for Gwendolyn and I, it makes our lives okay blog posting.. easier. But really it adds more functionality and interaction to the site. So what is it you ask? Its a little function I wrote, that allows us to automatically link to outside sites that we will probably link to a lot. For instance google maps! So if we wanted to write something like: we went to San Antonio the other day; we can write: map[San Antonio|san antonio, tx) and you would see: map(San Antonio|san antonio, tx)! I also added a similar thing for movies. We can now link them to the Internet Movie Database. I will probably end up adding other such things, like links to amazon and/or wikipedia.

Iron Butt Weekend 2005

Well, I woke up to freezing cold, pounding rain this morning. What a change from just a few days ago. The weather was so perfect this weekend that I think Jay and I took advantage of every minute we could. On Friday evening after work, we braved the Houston traffic to have dinner with my family in Clear Lake. Afterwards we stopped by to visit Jonathan and Delena in town. We ended up fixing Mojitos (mmm…) and watching The Terminal.

On Saturday, Jay and I went for a bike ride up to map(Coldspring|coldspring, tx). Jonathan told us about a perfect, little country road that snakes through miles and miles of hilly landscape. The ride was awesome although the trip home was a little windy. Hehe…okay maybe it was a lot windy. I totally felt like I was going to blow away. Wheeee….

We had a pleasant surprise on Saturday night to learn that our friend, Jake, was making a one night appearance in Houston. He was on his way from Costa Rica back to New York and had a lay-over. So we went to visit him in Katy.

Sunday was so pretty that Jay and I decided to go on another bike ride to Katy to visit his parents. We went all the way on back roads, and it was a relaxing ride. In all, we rode 218 miles this weekend! Hmmmm…not quite ready to join the Iron Butt Association, but we’re on our way! In the evening, I made Jay tofu broccoli stir fry for dinner and a pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. Then we just watched our shows and chilled.

Upside Down Grapefruit

Well, the week has really flown by. I can’t believe it is already Friday! The weather has been amazing, but alas, I’ve been stuck inside doing homework the past couple of days. So I hope Mother Nature has a little sympathy for her old friend, Gwendolyn, and treats us to a glorious weekend. Well, the week was pretty uneventful except that Jay and I got to have dinner together on Wednesday and then work on the website. (hehe…and when I say we worked, I mean he worked and I watched.) But really, I think he has done an amazing job on our site, and I love it!

Hmmm…so I had planned to make a pineapple upside-down cake for Jay this weekend, but I might have found something even better…grapefruit upside-down cake! Yes…this will both satisfy his desire for cake and my new-found addiction to grapefruit. (I don’t know…I’ve been eating at least one a day for the last two weeks!) Mmm…citrus…
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Weekend Fun

Another weekend gone. However, it was a weekend well spent! Gwendolyn and I did our normal friday night grocery shopping to stockpile for our weekend. We planned to go to my parents, but they went out of town. So we ended up watching a few movies and of course our favorite tv shows. Every weekend we watch 24, Survivor, and Amazing Race, as Gwendolyn doesn’t watch tv during the week. Thats okay though, I guess I don’t mind waiting days to watch some of my favorite shows with the one I love!

Heres the list of the movies we watched:

  • imdb(The Forgotten)
  • imdb(Hudsucker Proxy)
  • imdb(Donnie Darko: Directors Cut)
  • imdb(Waking Life)