Our First Camping and Hospital Trip

Wow…it’s been such a long time since we posted anything. I guess things have just been a little busy…between our fun wilderness adventure and a trip to the emergency room, we just haven’t had the time to write. But if you want to read Jay’s full take on the events, click below.


So two weeks ago we ventured off to map(Lake Houston|New Caney, TX) for a nice couple days of camping. We decided to go Saturday, so that I could register for QuakeCon. Its a yearly gaming tournament in Dallas. I’ve been going for the past 8 years so I can’t break the tradition.

On Saturday morning we packed up the Trans Am like it was a clown car, and headed on out. I should mention here, that while carrying the cooler down is when I first noticed a pain in my abdomen. The lake was only about 30 mins away, so we were a bit early on the check in time. We get a camp site and head on over to it, only to find that the previous occupants are still there. They are packing up though, so Gwendolyn and I decide to take a walk through one of the beautiful trails they have there. About an hour later we find ourselves back at our site, and its all cleared out. After unpacking and setting everything up we make our first camping meal, grilled cheese! It was also after all this that I really started to hurt more. I kept telling myself that it was just a pulled muscle or something from moving the cooler.

By Saturday night we had a nice camp fire going and made some baked potatoes and a salad. By the time we decided to head to bed, the weather had gotten pretty cold. We didn’t make the most intelligent choice with our covers either. We had decided to unzip all the sleeping bags and lay them out for comfort, while we just snuggled under a sheet. Later that night though, I had woken up in a coughing fit and felt like I had swallowed something or had to throw up. Needless to say this woke up Gwendolyn and after it was all over we had a hard time getting back to sleep as it was really freezing now! So we decide that snuggling might not be the best idea, and zip up the sleeping bags. For me I think the coughing made my abdomen worse, I was so uncomfortable laying back down, I thought I’d never get to sleep.

Waking up Sunday morning, I get out of the tent and check on the fire, which still has a few hot coals. I then check the table, making sure everything is still there. I then notice something strange. Hmm, our lid to our food box is on the ground?! I look on the table and in the box and theres brown stuff everywhere. Is that…brownies?! Yes! Theres been a brownie thief in our camp! Amazingly some raccoon got into the box, and then under the brownie cover and then ate most of the brownies!! Luckily we were able to get a paw print, so we have the forest authorities out looking for the thief.

After breakfast I started to really feel bad, and it was decided we should head home so I could really get some rest and get some medicine. It was so bad at this point, it was hard for me to bend over so that left Gwendolyn doing a lot of the work. 🙁 So we packed up and headed home. We unpacked just what we had to, and then I took a 6 hr or so nap! Unfortunately this didn’t help my situation. It was still getting worse. By this time the pain seemed to be moving more towards my right abdomen. This of course led us to believe it might be my appendix. Looking online and asking friends and relatives for advise we decided it would be best to head to the emergency room.

Ah, emergency rooms! What fun places. We get there only to have come in the wrong way of course, and have to walk the entire length of the hospital to get to the correct location. The emergency room is full, mostly because the ratio of patients to family members is about 1:10. So we really didn’t have much time to wait. We get called back where they put me in a room with another patient. So after explaining my illness to the nurse and it seems like several others the doctor comes back and I get to do it all over again. He suggests that it could be my appendix and we should do a cat scan to make sure. Which is great, cause I’ll get to drink this wonderful liquid called barium! And the sooner I drink it the sooner I can get the scan done! Well it only took about 30 mins to get 4 cups down. A while later a nurse comes to take me to the imaging room. I get on the table and am ready to be scanned, when the radiologist asks where my IV is? I was like ‘I don’t have one.’. So back up to the room I was shipped. He was trying to get me in before an ICU patient and didn’t have time to do it himself. After getting my IV I head back down and got the scan done. Which was pretty weird, as they inject you with iodine, which makes your body really warm, oh and it makes you want to urinate.

After the scan we waited what seems like too long of a time to get results. Well it turns out my doctor was treating someone who came in with a knife wound in the back! ouch! I guess I’m lucky I’m not in that much pain. He finally comes back though, and says my appendix is fine, but my colon is inflamed. 🙁 This most likely has to do with the type of arthritis I have which can actually cause Inflamation of the bowels. So the doc says I’m free to go and to go see my doctor and continue taking my anti-inflamatory medicines.

So there was that fun filled weekend! Hopefully we won’t have another one of those for a while. 🙂 And as far as my health, its seems to be getting better and better each day, although its not fully gone. I still feel a little tenderness every now and then. I’m also still waiting on a doctor for advice on the next course of action. Okay so now you know why this has been posted so late, but the length should make up for it. 🙂

For the rest of the pictures go here.

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