Rocking out!

This of course was my favorite part of May. Two Nine Inch Nails concerts in 2 days! How awesome is that? The first show was in Houston at the Verizon wireless theater. I wasn’t able to get general admission, se we were seated in the balcony in the corner. Not too bad. The concert itself was Awesome! They had a great opener, the Dresden Dolls, who we immediately fell in love with. I’ve been to few concerts where I’ve heard an opening band that I liked that much.

On Wednesday the show was going to be at Stubbs BBQ in Austin. This was going to be hard as we had to make it out of Houston at rush hour and get to Austin before the show. It was especially difficult as it seamed everything was trying to keep us from getting there. Beyond the normal Houston traffic we also had to deal with wrecks and wrong turns! We finally did make it to Austin though. Unfortunately it was at the end of the Dresden Dolls set, so we weren’t able to see them play again. The great news though, was that Stubbs BBQ rocks! It had an outdoor stage that was about half as small as the Verizon stage. Before the show Gwen and I squeezed our way up pretty close to the stage. Once they came out, everyone pushed forward, and it got about 20 degrees hotter! Gwendolyn wasn’t able to take much of the pushing and shoving, so she stepped out to the side. I stayed in for a while and finally had to take a break about half way through. I sat on the side with Gwen for a few songs, and then headed back in. I was able to get right up front and center. Trent at one point bent down right in front and handed his guitar off to the crowd. I had a hand on it, but of course security took it back. 🙁 I stayed up front for the rest of the show and rocked out.

After it was all over, we headed to a great little place to eat, which I’ll have to get the name of, as they had awesome breakfast tacos. We then headed home as someone had to go to court the next morning!

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  1. Delena says:

    Jay it was called Starseed!