Wow, its Christmas time again. Its amazing how much shopping one can get done in a week. Actually I hope it is cause I haven’t started yet! 🙂 Well I thought I’d share some of our holiday pictures. Most of which are Patrick and I setting up our Christmas lights. After seeing the Carson home video of their computerized lights dancing to Wizards of Winter, I just had to find out how it was done and then do it myself! Amazingly, it was pretty easy to find all the info I needed. Although to buy the equipment needed seemed to cost way too much, but luckily they had schematics and diagrams of everything you need to do it yourself! I just had to talk Gwendolyns brother Patrick to build it for me. Patrick being the electrical engineer, and I the software engineer, we could easily make this happen.

Early December, Patrick finally got a chance to come over and we went to work on the lights. He had already built the control unit, so now we just had to test it out. Our first try plugging it into the computer didn’t go so well. It seemed Patrick accidently soldered the transistors on wrongly, and they all blew! Unfortunately it was late at night and everything was closed, so we had to wait till the morning before we could get more. Meanwhile we started on the tree that we were going to control with the computer. I trip to walmart and one hula hoop later, we had a small 3′ tree.

After getting the transistors the next day and all re-soldered, it was time to test again. This time it all seemed okay. That was until we went to plug it in. Once I plugged it in, it shorted and shutdown the computer. We re checked everything and didn’t find anything wrong. =/ So one dead hard drive later and many man hours, we had a working computer display! Video to be uploaded soon!

Our Engagement

So by now, I’m sure everyone has heard. We are engaged! Yay! I’m sure you have also notice the large count down at the top of our page. Yes that is counting down to our marriage! Our wedding date is set for April 29th! Amazingly we’ve already got most of the stuff picked out. It seems we just have to figure out most of the details of our wedding now. The big things that seem to take the longest we seemed to pick right away. The church and reception are already booked. Gwendolyn has even picked out her wedding dress! So now its on to picking out the food, invitations (which we’ve narrowed down), party favors, colors, flowers, etc. So far I think things are going really well. Of course maybe Gwendolyn can’t say the same. 🙂

And if all of this is news to you, or you haven’t heard the wonderful way I proposed, then read on to read the details of my Quest for Love…

Note: I had to rewrite the ending as the post was accidently copied over by a previous unfinished version. =/
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Miss us?

Hey there! We’re back! Well let’s hope so anyways. Okay instead of writing one huge long disgustingly boring post, I’m just going to make a short list of things that Gwendolyn and I have been up to that you may or may not have missed. Here we go:

  • Moved in to the house
  • Gwendolyn started her new position
  • Parents meet for the first time over 4th of July
  • Gwendolyn graduated!! (perfect 4.0!)
  • Went to Austin for fun
  • Gwendolyn and I come up with an art car idea (plz send all fortunes to us!)
  • Went to schlitterbahn with Jake Beth and Brian
  • Survived hurricane Rita! (2 days no power)
  • Went to the Texas Reinisance Festival
  • Saw NIN in Houston!
  • We got engaged!!
  • Went to Austin to celebrate over Halloween
  • Went to the Lone Star Rally
  • Hosted our first Thanksgiving! (I carved my first turkey!)

Okay I think that’s about it. Now hopefully we can keep this more up to date. Well first I’m sure some want to hear more about the engagement/wedding. So time for a new post!