As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there have been a couple changes around here both seen and unseen. First I’ve upgraded b2evolution, which basicaly runs this site. It pretty much stayed the same, except for a few bug fixes. After that upgrade went well, I decided to try out the new Gallery, which hosts my pictures. Gallery on the other hand had some major improvements, as you can see just by going to the photo album. With the new gallery I was able to do neat stuff like add the 2 new pictures on the right menu bar, showing the most recently added album, and a random picture. I really love the random picture, its so fun. 🙂 The downside is that it seems a bit slower. I might end up switching back if it annoys me enough. =/ So thats what I spent my weekend doing, and why there haven’t been many photo updates. So enjoy the new gallery and photos!

Oh then of course theres a new link in the left menu bar, that points to all our wedding information, so be sure to check that out! *wink wink * nudge nudge*

Arrr… the BIG 3-0

Aye it finally happened. I hit 30. Arrg. I guess its not so bad. I did get t’ run around Katy dressed as a pirate for t’ day. Gwendolyn and me parents threw me a surprise birthday party on saturday. T’ theme o’ t’ party was o’ course Pirates! Arrr! Gwendolyn had set up a scavenger hunt and clues t’ send everyone around Katy in search for some loot. Everyone split into teams and went on their way t’ try and get as much loot as they could. Everyone had a good time doin’ t’ scavenger hunt, and in t’ end, me team along with Patrick, Tricia and Jeb, won t’ awesome loot! Some awesome gifts: LED binary clock!, more tools, lots o’ gift cards, and most o’ all R. Kelly’s R&B opera: Trapped in the Closet!

Here be pictures

PS If you were there please send me (magic @ any digital pictures you took!

Happy New Year!

Just thought we’d wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We both enjoyed it, and enjoyed our time off.

Our Christmas was great. Running around and seeing the families was a lot of fun. Christmas eve we spent it with Gwendolyns family, grandparents, and Oma. I got to enjoy Christmas a new way this time. Everyone opened presents one at a time. That is a lot different than how my family does it; as many as you can at a time. 🙂 Its not so bad doing it one at a time, but if I was a kid I would not be able to contain myself! Christmas morning we spent at our place to open our gifts to each other. After that we headed to my parents house and had some strawberry crepes and headed to church. When we got back we opened present, and had a nice Christmas meal. We left after dinner, as my mom was heading to Cleveland to visit my Sister and her family. My favorite gifts this year: New gaming keyboard, light saber, tool box, and electric tools! I have this strange urge to build something now… and then destroy it with my light saber!

New Years Eve was a blast! (pun intended) My parents had their normal party with tons of people there. We spent a few hundred bucks on fireworks and destroyed plenty of property. Some casualties include: Street light, mailbox, and Bob. …oh.. Bob is our mannequin torso! 🙂 He’s definitely seen better days.

Christmas Pictures
New Years Eve Pictures

So again, We wish everyone a wonderful new year, and look forward to seeing you at our wedding!