One more month!

Can you believe it? We only have one more month to go! The clock is definitely ticking.

This past weekend Gwendolyn had another shower to attend to. This one hosted by her mother’s friends. I can’t believe how much loot she came back with! From an awesome coffee maker to picture frames to scrap booking supplies. Definitely another thank you needs to be said to everyone.

Thank you!

Our First Shower

This past weekend on the 18th, we had our first wedding shower hosted by Tony and Irene and my parents. We had a great time as it prepared us for our honeymoon with its Mexican theme. There was a beach outside with all the fixings, while margiritas were flowing inside and hanging around were the best pinatas ever! Thanks to everyone that showed up and that sent us gifts! We appreciate it all!

Check out the photos.

New server

Okay, well we had some technical difficulties, but everything should be fixed now. My web host upgraded their servers, and caused a few snags. I’m pretty sure it’s all good now. I definitely notice a speed increase with the page loads. I hope it stays like that!

On another note… Wow! We have less than FIFTY days till our wedding! How crazy is that? Don’t worry we’re not panicking yet! We’ve actually done just about everything we can do at this point. All that’s left are the little things we have to wait for anyways. So that’s all we’re doing is waiting. Waiting between showers and collecting those RSVP cards!