Bachelor parties, Birthday parties and Accidents! Oh my!

Well what an exciting weekend! Gwendolyn and I started by celebrating her birthday an friday night. We went out and I gave her her present, which was a nice engraved ring box. We had to celebrate friday night because on Saturday I would be having my bachelor party! I woke up around 6ish so Tim and I could head down to Luis apartment. We met up with the rest of the guys there and then headed down to the beach house that my best man Jake had rented for the weekend. We got to the beach house, which turned out to be better than they expected. The location was great and the house was pretty awesome. Once we got settled in, we had to set up Guitar Hero, and get to rocking out! The day pretty much consisted of rocking out to Guitar Hero, movies, water gun fights, and lots of alcohol. We ended the night with a ride on the beach in Jeremys jeep. That was so awesome, painful, annoying and fun all at the same time. Best ride Evar. Great times.

Gwendolyn spent the beginning of her birthday working. Afterwards she invited her friends over for a nice dinner that she prepared. I heard everyone had a good time.

Sunday at the beach house, all the girls were invited over. So Beth, Delena, and Gwendolyn all came down and enjoyed a nice sunday afternoon on the beach. We stayed till nightfall and headed home. After dropping J & D off we headed home ourselves.

This is where the weekend took a turn for the worse. About 2 miles from our house, Gwendolyn and I were stopped at a red light in the right hand lane. Next thing we know we are spinning into the intersection and then our car comes to a stop facing the wrong direction. We were just rear ended. It turns out some guy was going about 60 and driving on the shoulder, didn’t stop or slow down, and plowed right into us. When I got out of the car I went over to see if they were all right. The car reeked of alcohol, and the driver was in the car checking on the female passenger, who was unconscious. He then tries to pull her out of the car through the drivers side door. I’m still amazed by how many people think its okay to move someone whos badly injured. I tell the guy to leave her be. Meanwhile a lady that was in the left hand land stopped, as she saw it all happen. She went around and made sure everyone was alright and called 911. During this time a Minivan pulled up behind the car that hit us. A group of people came out and inspected the car, and one lady came over to us and asked us if we were okay. She then went on to say that the driver knows it was his fault. Well the next thing I really remember is the one witness coming over to me saying that the driver of the saturn that hit us, is gone! I looked around and he was no where to be found along with the mini van! I think he had a group of friends following, and they decided it was best for him not to be at the scene any longer. They left leaving the passed out girl in the front, and the delirious man in the rear of the saturn. The police, ambulance and fire truck all show up about the same time. So the normal routine happens, answering 100 questions and telling what happened 50 times, and then we headed home. A nice lady that came to the scene moments after it happened, stayed and drove us home.

Thankfully, Gwendolyn and I are both okay. We are definitely sore and aching, but nothing more than that. Thinking of the accident it seems like it should have been a lot worse. You can look at the pictures of the car here.

Okay, on a much lighter note. FOUR more days left till our wedding!!! It’s so awesome!! Although the accident has gotten us down a bit, we are still so looking forward to the wedding and our honeymoon!!

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