ROT Rally 2006

Oops… looks like I wrote this but never posted it… so here it is. 🙂

June 2nd, was the annual ROT Rally in Austin. This is the biggest biker weekend in Texas, and we were there! My parents, Gwendolyn, and I all rode our bikes to spend the weekend in Austin. Gwendolyn and I stayed with our good friends, Jake and Beth, while my parents had a hotel room. The ROT grounds were huge! It was definitely a lot larger than Galvestons rally. Although, I think I like Galvestons a little better.

Everyday we tried to go out to a new restaurant we haven’t been to yet. Lucky for us Jake and Beth have already done all the scouting and took us to some really great places! Here’s just a few of the places we went:

Friday night the ROT Rally went for the Guiness Book of World Records, by creating the longest parade. I’m not sure if they accomplished their goal, but I can’t imagine them not doing it. The parade was so enormous! There were just thousands and thousands of bikes. The parade was really fun, with people lined up alond the whole parade route, which started about 10 miles outside of austin and ended on Congress St. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Saturday we tried to go on a poker run, but unfortunately we went to the wrong place to start, and weren’t able to participate. So we took off on one of the self guided tours of the hill country. Since our first trip to Austin, this is one of the things I’ve been waiting to do. And boy, it did not dissapoint! The ride was so awesome. It’s what driving a motorcycle is all about.

Saturday night, Jake and Beth joined up with us, after we helped them move their new bed (aka matress blob) up to their apartment. We headed back to the rally to watch Joann Jet and the Blackhearts. I have to say she can still rock out, with the best of them.

Sunday we slept in some, ate, and then headed back home. Overall it was an awesome weekend, and we can’t wait till next years!

The Car

Gwendolyn and I picked up her new car recently. We decided to go with the new Honda Civic LX Sedan. I think the car was a good choice for us. Its pretty sporty with a ‘futuristic’ interior, that I love. It gets great gas milage at 30/40mpg. It is also rated high in safety and resale value. Not to mention its fairly affordable. Overall it wasn’t that bad of an experience buying a new car. If you ar in a market for one you should really read this site It taught me everything I needed to know and then some.

Here are the pictures.