The Pre-Dry Wall Meeting

We just had our pre-dry wall meeting, where our builder took us through our house making sure everything was okay before starting the dry wall. Everything went well. They are going to fix/change a few things and then get started on the dry wall next tuesday! He said we are currently ahead of schedule so its not going to be long now before we are closing! Our closing should be the first week or two in october. We can’t wait!

I’ve updated the photo album with a few more days of building, so be sure to check them all out!

Also check out Gwendolyns new hair cut!

Our House

I’m sure you have all heard by now, but I’ll say it anyways. Gwendolyn and I bought a house!! YAY! We decided to go with a KB Home up here in Spring not far from where we are now. Its been just over a month, and they have already started with framing the house. I’ve uploaded all the pictures we have of it here. You can see the model and pictures from any day I go to check it out.

So far its looking great! Gwendolyn and I are really excited and can’t wait to move in. I have to say its pretty fun watching it being built from the ground up. 🙂