Happy New Year 2007!!

Happy New Year everyone! Finally getting around to actually posting something. Yay me! I’ve noticed theres a lot of spam that has been getting through in the comments, I will have to take care of that. =/

Anyways, lets catch up. Thanksgiving we invited our families over. We enjoyed a nice turkey and all the helpings. The day before Thanksgiving I splurged and bought a new 50″ plasma TV.

During December we help an open house to invite our friends over for a little holiday cheer and to see the new house. We had quite a few people show up, and I believe everyone had a good time.

For Christmas we spent a few days before over at my parents house. We celebrated Christmas on Saturday. It was a great weekend. We left early Christmas eve to head to Wichita Falls to spend the rest of Christmas with Gwendolyns Family. We had a great time in Wichita Falls. It was nice spending some time with her family we don’t get to see very much.

And finally we broke in the new year at my parents house. With lots of friends and fireworks a good time was had by all. We (almost) finally finished of my parents street light. The glass casing is all gone now, but the light keeps on shinning. Those lights seem to be indestructible. We will try again on the 4th of July though!

So be sure to check out all the pictures:
New Years