Upcoming Weekend

So this weekend Gwendolyn and I are going to head to Austin to see Marilyn Manson. While there we will be staying with Jake, Beth & Brian. I hear they have already organized a Rock Band party for our arrival! I also believe that they just released 3 Nine Inch Nails songs for it, which I am also excited about.

On a random note, I was just checking the weather in Austin, and I thought I would share a new site to check the weather. Its SimpleWeather.com. Its absolutely wonderful. Its quick, easy to read, has the information you need, and non obtrusive ads. Actually there are no ads at this time. You can enter your zip on the main page, or access your zip directly by going to www.simpleweather.com/<insert zipcode>.

What I’m Playing

As it turns out, I’m a gamer. I’m sure any of you actually reading this, would also know that. I say this now though, as I always struggle with what to write. I figure why not write about what I know and what I’m doing. Since its games I know and play on a day to day basis, its games I shall write about. Granted every post won’t be about games, but it will help me fill in the gaps when I have no other news to share.

So without further ado, here’s what I’m playing currently:

  • World of Warcraft (pc) – This will always make the list. 🙂  My latest accomplishment though was receiving my Azure Netherwing Drake!
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess (wii) – I had gotten to the last boss months ago, but somehow never finished it. This weekend I finally finished it. yay me.
  • Bioshock (pc) – After my computer upgrade this past Christmas I decided to start fresh with Bioshock. I didn’t make it very far the first time around and wanted to refresh the story, along with changing my ‘moral decision’ in the game. The game makes you decide between removing a parasite, from possessed little girls, for Adam (upgrades) which kills the host, or you can send them off to a lady who says she can cure them but you receive less Adam. I’ll keep it a secret which path I have chosen. 😉
  • Super Mario Galaxy (wii) – Again, I played this for a while and forgot about it. I’m going to pick it back up and hopefully finish it now.

Jay-N-Gwendolyn Extreme Makeover!

Ta-da! As you can tell I’ve redesigned the place. I’m hopping that with the new redesign that it helps motivate me to actually write some posts. <bows head shamefully looking at the previous post dates> The software for the site is so much more friendly and just works much nicer. I am hoping Gwendolyn will like it also, and may want to post. Of course, Gwendolyn might have other projects going on though that will require more of her attention. Now that our loft is finished Gwendolyn has yet to spend more than 5 mins downstairs. 🙂 It has really opened up her artistic side; it’s really nice seeing her enjoy a hobby so much.