Future Child

This is a post I’ve been waiting a long time to write.  Gwendolyn and I are going to be parents!  It’s still such a strange thought, even after thinking about it for 5 months.  I know anyone reading this will have already known about the little guy, so I figured this post should be written to our future child to read in the future.  A digital time capsule, if you will.

Dear Future Alexis or Gabriel,

Well at the time of this writing those are our chosen names.  I hope you like it, your name that is.  You have no idea how hard it is to come up with a name.  Anyways your mom and I would just like you to know how much we already love you.  We can’t wait to hold you in our arms.  Actually next week will be the first time we get to see your precious face, as we are getting our first ultrasound.  We can’t wait for that appointment.

Right now we are just preparing for your arrival.  Today we actually hope to pick up your baby furniture.  ‘Uncle’ Cory and ‘Aunt’ Annie are going to help us pick it up.  We have a while to go on decorating though.  You are not due until Jan 16th.  Which is 7 days after my birthday!  I know for sure your mother would love for you to come early, maybe we could share a birthday!

I hope you are enjoying your life so far.  I hope we are giving you everything that you want.  Please be kind though, as money does not grow on trees.  I know you will probably already be spoiled though (probably from your grandparents), and I hope you appreciate it!

Mom & Dad & Future Mom & Dad

p.s. I know I’ve probably told you this a 100 times already; Don’t go so fast on the hover board, and don’t sit so close to the holographic TV!

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  1. FINALLY I have been waiting for this post! Now I can comment on it, I love the names, when Jonathan and I have kids (someday in the distant future) the choices are Valentino or Valentina or Guido, guess who came up with those names, yeah hint NOT ME

  2. Oh yeah and you have to frame your first pic of little dude or dudette, awwww (from the ultrsound)

  3. Carrie (Mom) says:

    We’ve been waiting for that post too!! We were anxious to see you were going to annouce it. The names are good….they are hard to pick aren’t they Rumpelstiltskin?

  4. Carrie (Mom) says:

    oh yeah…to our Grandchild!! We are ready to start spoiling you!! Stocking up on toys right now!!

  5. Carol Tucker says:

    Woohoo! Congrats to you both! I was wondering when this post would go up :). I told Gwendolyn that I hope you (Jay) are taking photos of her as she and the baby grow, and she assured me you are. Congrats again I know you must be so excited, and both sets of soon-to-be grandparents must be ecstatic too!

    Carol & Kevin

  6. Gwen said the ultrasoud went spectacular yay! Healthy little Johnson! You know how long I have been waiting to type that..little Johnson hehe