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Happy 1 Month

Happy 1 month Gabriel!  I can’t believe how fast time is flying.  You are growing up so fast.  You’ve already grown a few inches, and gained a few pounds!  So lets take a look back at the past month at some things your mom and I observed or had learned.

  • Poo goes through some awesome stages, and there’s lots of it
  • Mom got to watch you pee on your face, I laughed 🙂
  • Then of course you sharded on my hand, I still laughed
  • You makes the cutest sad face
  • You also make the cutest faces in general
  • Your crying can be funny, but that only last for only for 30-60 seconds
  • Staying up all night is not as much fun as it used to be
  • People say you look more like mommy than daddy
  • Due to your hairyness, your dad may actually be jonathan (jk :))
  • You can survive a drop or two (also kidding), but baby’s aren’t as fragile as you think them to be
  • You have more toys than I do already!
  • Being a Mother/Father has its hard times, but overall it is just awesome and I wouldn’t give you up for the world!

I thought I would let everyone know that you signed up for an gmail account today.  So if anyone wants to wish some birthday wishes they can email you at gabriel.x.johnson @

I hope to get lots of pictures online soon!