I’ve been meaning to post some videos. Finally got around to uploading them, so here they are for your enjoyment!

I’m also working on a few posts. They should be up shortly! In the meantime you can look at photos from Gwendolyn’s 30th birthday and Easter.

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  1. Carol Tucker says:

    great videos! I think you have more fun with the farty sounds then Gabriel does…..thanks for sharing.

    we are still saving fortunes for the car! can’t wait to see it in a future art car parade!

    check out our NYC pics on our blog when you have a chance….

  2. Jay says:

    I think you are right about the farty sounds. 🙂 Well what happens is I’ll be making funny sounds and he’ll be laughing, but once you pick up the camera he stops. I just figured I’d still upload the videos since he’s so darn cute.