Well that’s just amazing.  For the 2nd year in a row it has now snowed in Houston.  It was much better this year than last I have to say.  It also brought back memories of when Gwendolyn and I first started dating, and it had snowed on Christmas.  So Gabriel got to see snow for the first time and throw his first snow ball.  We didn’t get a chance to make a snowman though, or any snow angles.

I’ve uploaded some more pictures on picasa.  I put up an album of Thanksgiving which we spent with my family and some friends.  We had lots to eat as you can see, and everything was as delicious as it looked.  The other album is from the Texas Renaissance Festival, which we went to the day after Thanksgiving.  We took our friends Cory and Annie, while my parents baby sat.  Had a great time at the festival, and we can’t wait till next year to bring Gabriel.


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  1. Carol Tucker says:

    looks like you have been having LOTS of fun! We enjoyed the snow too, even got off work a little early!

    Ren Fest is always a lot of fun, we went this year on Halloween – knowing your love of Halloween parties, y’all would love it – lots of different costumes!

  2. Delena says:

    Thanks guys for coming on Sunday it brightened up my day to see Christmas decorations in my house and Gabe was so cute I could just eat him up. You missed out on us watching the Hangover at my house later that night, Gabriel needs to watch those movies now because by god Jay we are going to get that boy to love crass violent movies like his godparents and his dad.

  3. Jay says:

    You watched hangover?!? Man still haven’t seen that. But yes, he will be a real movie lover! 🙂