New Found Freedom

Gabriel has found his freedom.  He no longer accepts crawling as the best way to get around.  We saw him take his first unassisted steps on Christmas day.  He had been pulling himself up on things for a few weeks and taking steps holding on to the coffee table or couch.  When Grandpa and I were putting together his Christmas gift, he took his first step from Grandpa to me.  We tried to get that on camera but Gabriel was uncessful to do it again.  For the following weeks though he got better and more brave as he went further and further.  I did try a few other times to get him on camera but he always seems to get camera shy, as you’ll see in the video.  Finally on Valentine’s Day we went to a park and got some good videos.  I’ve compiled them into this masterpiece:

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  1. Delena says:

    And now we will see you and Gwen chasing him around stores, thank god Laura got him the little Monkey harness. I find it hilarious they have harnesses for children and I saw a dog in a stroller, I am not lying.

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow. That is a masterpiece. What a little speed demon. He was impressing all the ladies at my place this past weekend with his “twirls”. Hehe. He stole the show!