Fixing Pictures

Well it seems the picture links weren’t working.  I think they should be working now.  I won’t promise they won’t break again in the future, as I did a small hack to get them working.  Should they break again though, you can always get to the photos by clicking the Photos link on the right side, thats listed under Stuff and above Recent Albums.  Enjoy the pictures.

Jay-N-Gwendolyn Extreme Makeover!

Ta-da! As you can tell I’ve redesigned the place. I’m hopping that with the new redesign that it helps motivate me to actually write some posts. <bows head shamefully looking at the previous post dates> The software for the site is so much more friendly and just works much nicer. I am hoping Gwendolyn will like it also, and may want to post. Of course, Gwendolyn might have other projects going on though that will require more of her attention. Now that our loft is finished Gwendolyn has yet to spend more than 5 mins downstairs. 🙂 It has really opened up her artistic side; it’s really nice seeing her enjoy a hobby so much.

Thought I’d share

I’m not going to even comment how long its been since I’ve posted here, or even question if anyone actually visits this is site anymore.

But I just wanted to share my latest creation. At my work we are having a desk decorating contest, and so behold…my desk:

Happy New Year 2007!!

Happy New Year everyone! Finally getting around to actually posting something. Yay me! I’ve noticed theres a lot of spam that has been getting through in the comments, I will have to take care of that. =/

Anyways, lets catch up. Thanksgiving we invited our families over. We enjoyed a nice turkey and all the helpings. The day before Thanksgiving I splurged and bought a new 50″ plasma TV.

During December we help an open house to invite our friends over for a little holiday cheer and to see the new house. We had quite a few people show up, and I believe everyone had a good time.

For Christmas we spent a few days before over at my parents house. We celebrated Christmas on Saturday. It was a great weekend. We left early Christmas eve to head to Wichita Falls to spend the rest of Christmas with Gwendolyns Family. We had a great time in Wichita Falls. It was nice spending some time with her family we don’t get to see very much.

And finally we broke in the new year at my parents house. With lots of friends and fireworks a good time was had by all. We (almost) finally finished of my parents street light. The glass casing is all gone now, but the light keeps on shinning. Those lights seem to be indestructible. We will try again on the 4th of July though!

So be sure to check out all the pictures:
New Years

New server

Okay, well we had some technical difficulties, but everything should be fixed now. My web host upgraded their servers, and caused a few snags. I’m pretty sure it’s all good now. I definitely notice a speed increase with the page loads. I hope it stays like that!

On another note… Wow! We have less than FIFTY days till our wedding! How crazy is that? Don’t worry we’re not panicking yet! We’ve actually done just about everything we can do at this point. All that’s left are the little things we have to wait for anyways. So that’s all we’re doing is waiting. Waiting between showers and collecting those RSVP cards!


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there have been a couple changes around here both seen and unseen. First I’ve upgraded b2evolution, which basicaly runs this site. It pretty much stayed the same, except for a few bug fixes. After that upgrade went well, I decided to try out the new Gallery, which hosts my pictures. Gallery on the other hand had some major improvements, as you can see just by going to the photo album. With the new gallery I was able to do neat stuff like add the 2 new pictures on the right menu bar, showing the most recently added album, and a random picture. I really love the random picture, its so fun. 🙂 The downside is that it seems a bit slower. I might end up switching back if it annoys me enough. =/ So thats what I spent my weekend doing, and why there haven’t been many photo updates. So enjoy the new gallery and photos!

Oh then of course theres a new link in the left menu bar, that points to all our wedding information, so be sure to check that out! *wink wink * nudge nudge*


Wow, its Christmas time again. Its amazing how much shopping one can get done in a week. Actually I hope it is cause I haven’t started yet! 🙂 Well I thought I’d share some of our holiday pictures. Most of which are Patrick and I setting up our Christmas lights. After seeing the Carson home video of their computerized lights dancing to Wizards of Winter, I just had to find out how it was done and then do it myself! Amazingly, it was pretty easy to find all the info I needed. Although to buy the equipment needed seemed to cost way too much, but luckily they had schematics and diagrams of everything you need to do it yourself! I just had to talk Gwendolyns brother Patrick to build it for me. Patrick being the electrical engineer, and I the software engineer, we could easily make this happen.

Early December, Patrick finally got a chance to come over and we went to work on the lights. He had already built the control unit, so now we just had to test it out. Our first try plugging it into the computer didn’t go so well. It seemed Patrick accidently soldered the transistors on wrongly, and they all blew! Unfortunately it was late at night and everything was closed, so we had to wait till the morning before we could get more. Meanwhile we started on the tree that we were going to control with the computer. I trip to walmart and one hula hoop later, we had a small 3′ tree.

After getting the transistors the next day and all re-soldered, it was time to test again. This time it all seemed okay. That was until we went to plug it in. Once I plugged it in, it shorted and shutdown the computer. We re checked everything and didn’t find anything wrong. =/ So one dead hard drive later and many man hours, we had a working computer display! Video to be uploaded soon!

I love technology

**** Warning … Technical post ahead ****

So today I added a few new little features. It may not seem like much right now, but for Gwendolyn and I, it makes our lives okay blog posting.. easier. But really it adds more functionality and interaction to the site. So what is it you ask? Its a little function I wrote, that allows us to automatically link to outside sites that we will probably link to a lot. For instance google maps! So if we wanted to write something like: we went to San Antonio the other day; we can write: map[San Antonio|san antonio, tx) and you would see: map(San Antonio|san antonio, tx)! I also added a similar thing for movies. We can now link them to the Internet Movie Database. I will probably end up adding other such things, like links to amazon and/or wikipedia.