2 Months

Gabriel hits two months tomorrow, he seems to be leveling along nicely.  Only 10 more to go before his first level up.  Hes been working on raising his skills in rolling, standing, and coo’ing.  I hope soon he will start working on his nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, and computer hacking skills, so he can get a girl.  (Gwendolyn watched Napoleon Dynamite for the 453rd time the other day)

Some other stats on little Gabriel:

  • Height: 2 feet
  • Weight: 12lbz 13oz
  • Time crying after a shot: 10 secs!
  • Favorite sound: Farting; that’s my boy!

Now for some cute pictures….  I’ll have to get a video on here too soon.

House and Fairies

Just a quick note, to check out the latest pictures! A lot has happened in the last week. We’ve had our fence installed, all the electrical done, and all the vinyl flooring done. About the only thing left we are waiting for are the appliances, water fixtures and the carpet! Having said that though, we had some bad news from KB. They pushed our closing date back two weeks until the 27th! It won’t give us as much time as we wanted to get in there and paint before moving, but I think we can still do it.

Heres the past couple days:

This past weekend we went to the Texas Renaisance Festival with our friends Jake, Beth, and Brian. We all dressed up and had a great time. You can check out pictures of that here.

One last thing, those that like scary movies, be sure to check out the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. My boss’s son, Matt Bomer, is in the starring role!

now I have my very own computer crash helmet…

So our weekend was pretty low-key. It pretty much consisted of a little shopping and a ton of television! On Friday evening after work, Jay and I attempted (with no luck!) to acquire a couple of accessories to make our bike riding more enjoyable. We went out for dinner and then drove out to Cycle Gear only to find that we were too late. The store was already closed, so we had to come back on Saturday morning. But when we did, Jay got a cool grey jacket and I got a new (computer) helmet. 🙂 Actually, I got my helmet at a different cycle shop (A.J. Foyt Cycles), but anyway let me tell you, I am in love with that helmet. It makes riding totally awesome. It was always fun, but with a full face helmet, riding is much quieter and way less windy!

To read about the rest of our weekend, click on the link below… Continue reading

The Lost Poker Run

First off, sorry to have disappointed so many of you last friday! I too wish it would have been true, but just a little more time would make it better. 🙂 Soon enough though.

So I’m sure you can see from the lack of updates, both Gwendolyn and I have been pretty busy, both at work and at home. I guess the biggest highlight would have been our motorcycle ride out to map(Lake Livingston|livingston, texas). We originally planned on going out there for a poker run. For those cage drivers out there, a poker run, is normally a charity event, where a bunch of bikers meet up and are given a map to a few key locations. You then go to these locations and receive a playing card. When you arrive at the last pit stop, you will then have a poker hand, and whoever wins, gets a prize. Its just a nice way to spend a day riding. However for us, we went to the meeting place, but found no one there! Now this could all be blamed on me, as I was the one that saw the flyer and wrote down all the info. We made the best of it though, and headed home going the back way through Coldspring and other back roads. Along the way we came across a few groups of at least 20 bikes each. Made us wonder if they were part of the poker run that we couldn’t find. We stopped in Coldspring again, and ate at The Hop. We all enjoyed shakes and floats and then headed on our way. I must make a mental note, to try the onion rings there, as they come highly recommended! Instead of going straight home, we decided to make another stop, and visit my dads cousin Sarah Jane, who lives out in the Woodlands. I think Gwendolyn fell in love with her house and that area.

Once we were finally home, we had to take a nap and unwind after a long day of riding. I think we were out for a good 6 hours. Definitely a long day. After a nice nap, we decided to watch some Scrubs. This activity was short-lived, however, because while we were on our second episode, all the power went out in the entire neighborhood. Then, the firetrucks showed up in front of my apartment. So we went out to investigate and make sure the place was not on fire. As it turns out, some tree branches fell onto the powerlines and caused all the commotion. So with no phones, no lights, no motocars (okay not quite…) we decided to get out of the house and go see imdb(Sin City). The movie just looked amazing. I’m not sure how much Gwendolyn liked it due to the violence, but I loved it.

This weekends plans, are partly up in the air. My cousin Veronica is coming into town with her husband, and a newborn girl. We’re going to my parents tonight to visit. Tomorrow night we might baby sit for them as they go to the astros/cincinnati reds game. Hopefully sunday will be spent with a little R&R.

Okay now you guys should be all caught up! 🙂

Weekend Fun

Another weekend gone. However, it was a weekend well spent! Gwendolyn and I did our normal friday night grocery shopping to stockpile for our weekend. We planned to go to my parents, but they went out of town. So we ended up watching a few movies and of course our favorite tv shows. Every weekend we watch 24, Survivor, and Amazing Race, as Gwendolyn doesn’t watch tv during the week. Thats okay though, I guess I don’t mind waiting days to watch some of my favorite shows with the one I love!

Heres the list of the movies we watched:

  • imdb(The Forgotten)
  • imdb(Hudsucker Proxy)
  • imdb(Donnie Darko: Directors Cut)
  • imdb(Waking Life)