now I have my very own computer crash helmet…

So our weekend was pretty low-key. It pretty much consisted of a little shopping and a ton of television! On Friday evening after work, Jay and I attempted (with no luck!) to acquire a couple of accessories to make our bike riding more enjoyable. We went out for dinner and then drove out to Cycle Gear only to find that we were too late. The store was already closed, so we had to come back on Saturday morning. But when we did, Jay got a cool grey jacket and I got a new (computer) helmet. 🙂 Actually, I got my helmet at a different cycle shop (A.J. Foyt Cycles), but anyway let me tell you, I am in love with that helmet. It makes riding totally awesome. It was always fun, but with a full face helmet, riding is much quieter and way less windy!

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Weekend Fun

Another weekend gone. However, it was a weekend well spent! Gwendolyn and I did our normal friday night grocery shopping to stockpile for our weekend. We planned to go to my parents, but they went out of town. So we ended up watching a few movies and of course our favorite tv shows. Every weekend we watch 24, Survivor, and Amazing Race, as Gwendolyn doesn’t watch tv during the week. Thats okay though, I guess I don’t mind waiting days to watch some of my favorite shows with the one I love!

Heres the list of the movies we watched:

  • imdb(The Forgotten)
  • imdb(Hudsucker Proxy)
  • imdb(Donnie Darko: Directors Cut)
  • imdb(Waking Life)