2 years

Well it’s been a busy past few weeks. Lets see if we can catch up.

IMG_7085.JPGThe end of April marked our 2 year anniversary. We spent the weekend in Galveston, staying at the Mermaid and Dolphin bed and breakfast inn. Neither of us has stayed at a B&B before, so we weren’t sure to what to expect. The room we stayed in was the ‘Enchanted Nights VIP Queen Jacuzzi Suite’. The room was what I would expect any typical B&B room to look like, with antique furniture and beautiful decorations. As you can tell from the name of our room, we had a private jacuzzi for two on the patio of our room. Having that for just two days, really got us thinking about buying one for ourselves. Our room also had a claw foot tub, day bed, and 4 post queen bed. We both loved the room and inn, and would definitely stay there again.

IMG_7071.JPGFriday night we tried the Original Mexican Cafe. It was delicious. Afterwards we went for a walk down the strand. Amazingly Saturday morning we were both up around 8. The awesome part about that, was we actually got to enjoy the complementary breakfast. I have to say it was a delicious breakfast. I wasn’t really expecting much, so having something so good was a nice surprise. After breakfast, we went on a tour of the Moody mansion. It was pretty impressive. I love seeing old houses and all the special features they have, that you just don’t see in houses now a days. One of my favorite features were the built in shutters that folded into the wall. Gwendolyn really loved the wall coverings, from the stenciling to the wood trim. For lunch, we headed over to the Sunflower Bakery & Cafe. I wasn’t too sold of the food, but they did have an excellent bakery. We bought a cream puff, and giant cinnamon roll to go. We then headed back to the strand to do some real shopping. While we were there, we went to the Fiesta store and enjoyed some ice cream.

Once back at the B&B, we went for a bike ride. We rode our bikes about a mile to the sea wall, and then rode up and down the sea wall for another few miles. When we finished our bike ride we then drove back to the sea wall to enjoy a nice dinner at The Spot. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do afterwards, but we finally decided to go check out a mini golf course. The place was awesome. It reminded me of all the ones they have in Gatlinburg, TN, which we’ll be going to in a few weeks. So it was a great way to get some practice in. 🙂 Among all the animatronic animals your ball had to dodge, at one point Gwendolyn found herself having to dodge a flying bird. While Gwendolyn was trying to putt, a bird flew straight into her back, and then aimed itself at me. I tried to swat at it with my club, but the bird swerved, and landed on the dragons head mocking us. The course was so fun, we decided to go again and try the ‘easier’ course which actually ended up being harder.

Sunday we made it a point to wake up early and get some of the mouth watering breakfast. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating today, so we didn’t get a chance to do much. We went to Murdoch’s Bathhouse on the sea wall, and then to Tom’s Thumb, a nursery Gwendolyn had heard about. We headed home afterwards, with our love for each other rekindled.

As always the photos are here.

Concerts, Ghosts, and Wizards

This had to be one of the best weekends in a long time. It started Thursday night after work. We heard Jake, Beth, and Brian were going to have some friends over and play Rock Band. We wanted to do something fun and get dressed up as rock stars for the party. So Thursday night we planned our outfits and had them ready to go for Friday. Gwendolyn and I both got off work early, and we really needed that extra time, as we had to make a pit stop to Hot Topic to pick up a few accessories, before taking off to Austin. Close to Austin we pulled over in a rest stop to get into our Rock Star garb. When we arrived at their house, we weren’t entirely sure how many people would be there, and if anyone else would be dressed up. As it turns out, there was quite a few people there, and we were the only ones that dressed up. It was all good though, as everyone loved our costumes, and soon Beth and Andrea joined us wearing wigs and capes.

Saturday we went out for breakfast to North by Northwest. The food was great, and afterwards we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day, we headed over to a park. We went to Mayfield Park, which we soon saw was also home to beautiful peacocks. They really are some of the most magnificent birds. Their colors are just so vibrant, its just amazing.

The rest of the day we just tried to relax. We played some more Rock Band of course. We then tried to have dinner at the Hula Hut, but found it too crowded. Plan B lead us to P. Terry’s, which is a drive through hamburger joint, that had some awesome hamburgers, fries and shakes. I will definitely be going back there next time. After food, we went back to the house and got ready for the concert.

Since the Austin Music Hall was fairly close, we decided to walk it. We got there in time to see the opening band, Ours, which wasn’t too bad. The worse part about the concert was then having to wait another hour for Manson to come on. On top of that, about 30mins into waiting, they turned off all the lights, which made everyone think the show was going to start, and so the mob pushed forward. Now for the other 30mins, we were tightly packed together with no room to move. Gwendolyn didn’t like that very much so she had to head to the back, while I stayed with Jake Beth and Brian. Finally the curtain fell and the show started. Although Manson’s set list could have been better, I still enjoyed the show, and watching the people. It always amazes me the diversity of people that listen to his music. After the show we walked back, and stopped to get some ice cream at Amy’s. When we arrived back at the house, we had a few drinks and played some more Rock Band.

For some reason, Sunday we woke up not feeling too well, with headaches and body aches and I had no idea why. 😉 We decided to try and have brunch at South Congress Cafe. We had a long wait, so we walked up Congress St, and into a few shops and stopped and got some coffee to tide us over. The menu sounded delicious and it held up, as the food was great. When we got back to the house, we rested a bit more, and finally started to pack it up. We said our good bye’s and headed home. :'(

Arriving back home, we unloaded everything and tried to rest and relax for the rest of the night. I had one mission though, and that was to finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, to which I succeeded. So far it’s my favorite book of the series. So much has happened in it, I can’t wait to see what’s coming. Tonight I’ll have to start book 5.

As if the weekend wasn’t enough excitement. Brian messaged me Monday asking if I’ve heard the latest Nine Inch Nails news. It turns out Trent just released a full album of instrumental songs called Ghosts online! He released it in multiple formats, and is only charging $5 for all 36 tracks. Although you can listen the entire album online for free. It also released under the Creative Commons License, which allows you to share, and remix his music. The music industry is changing, and I believe you will see more and more bands do the same as Trent.

Sorry we don’t have any pictures. My camera finally decided to die at the party Friday night. However, Beth did get some good pictures and a video, which you must see. I’ll make a post with those links as soon as I get them.

ROT Rally 2006

Oops… looks like I wrote this but never posted it… so here it is. 🙂

June 2nd, was the annual ROT Rally in Austin. This is the biggest biker weekend in Texas, and we were there! My parents, Gwendolyn, and I all rode our bikes to spend the weekend in Austin. Gwendolyn and I stayed with our good friends, Jake and Beth, while my parents had a hotel room. The ROT grounds were huge! It was definitely a lot larger than Galvestons rally. Although, I think I like Galvestons a little better.

Everyday we tried to go out to a new restaurant we haven’t been to yet. Lucky for us Jake and Beth have already done all the scouting and took us to some really great places! Here’s just a few of the places we went:

Friday night the ROT Rally went for the Guiness Book of World Records, by creating the longest parade. I’m not sure if they accomplished their goal, but I can’t imagine them not doing it. The parade was so enormous! There were just thousands and thousands of bikes. The parade was really fun, with people lined up alond the whole parade route, which started about 10 miles outside of austin and ended on Congress St. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Saturday we tried to go on a poker run, but unfortunately we went to the wrong place to start, and weren’t able to participate. So we took off on one of the self guided tours of the hill country. Since our first trip to Austin, this is one of the things I’ve been waiting to do. And boy, it did not dissapoint! The ride was so awesome. It’s what driving a motorcycle is all about.

Saturday night, Jake and Beth joined up with us, after we helped them move their new bed (aka matress blob) up to their apartment. We headed back to the rally to watch Joann Jet and the Blackhearts. I have to say she can still rock out, with the best of them.

Sunday we slept in some, ate, and then headed back home. Overall it was an awesome weekend, and we can’t wait till next years!

Rocking out!

This of course was my favorite part of May. Two Nine Inch Nails concerts in 2 days! How awesome is that? The first show was in Houston at the Verizon wireless theater. I wasn’t able to get general admission, se we were seated in the balcony in the corner. Not too bad. The concert itself was Awesome! They had a great opener, the Dresden Dolls, who we immediately fell in love with. I’ve been to few concerts where I’ve heard an opening band that I liked that much.

On Wednesday the show was going to be at Stubbs BBQ in Austin. This was going to be hard as we had to make it out of Houston at rush hour and get to Austin before the show. It was especially difficult as it seamed everything was trying to keep us from getting there. Beyond the normal Houston traffic we also had to deal with wrecks and wrong turns! We finally did make it to Austin though. Unfortunately it was at the end of the Dresden Dolls set, so we weren’t able to see them play again. The great news though, was that Stubbs BBQ rocks! It had an outdoor stage that was about half as small as the Verizon stage. Before the show Gwen and I squeezed our way up pretty close to the stage. Once they came out, everyone pushed forward, and it got about 20 degrees hotter! Gwendolyn wasn’t able to take much of the pushing and shoving, so she stepped out to the side. I stayed in for a while and finally had to take a break about half way through. I sat on the side with Gwen for a few songs, and then headed back in. I was able to get right up front and center. Trent at one point bent down right in front and handed his guitar off to the crowd. I had a hand on it, but of course security took it back. 🙁 I stayed up front for the rest of the show and rocked out.

After it was all over, we headed to a great little place to eat, which I’ll have to get the name of, as they had awesome breakfast tacos. We then headed home as someone had to go to court the next morning!


Toga! Toga! Toga! Yes that was the theme of my mother’s 50th birthday party. We decided to throw a surprise toga party at my parent’s friend’s house. The party was on the 14th so Gwendolyn and I were in charge of decorations so the weekend before we had to go out and get as much greek/roman stuff as we could. We also went shopping for togas. It was all pretty fun.

The Pantheon

On the day of the party we had to head to Gwendolyn’s mothers, as she made us the best cake ever. She actually made it in the shape of a roman Pantheon! Transporting the cake was pretty nerve racking, but not as bad as when guests started to arrive and Gwen and I were still not ready! 🙂 But we were able to put the final touches on everything and get dressed in time. My parents arrived and my mother was quite surprised by the turn out! Some old friends that she grew up with ended up coming down for the surprise also. She was excited to see them. Also, later on her brother showed up with Joann, which was another big surprise! I have to say the whole thing was a big success! I was surprised so many people showed up, and even more surprised by how many people actually dressed up!!

We spent the rest of the day at the party and cleaning up. Sunday we went into town to eat and check out the Art cars. They were all pretty impressive! Gwen and I decided we should do one of those one day also. 🙂 We just have to think of the perfect idea first!

Be sure to check out the pictures of the Party and Art Cars.

now I have my very own computer crash helmet…

So our weekend was pretty low-key. It pretty much consisted of a little shopping and a ton of television! On Friday evening after work, Jay and I attempted (with no luck!) to acquire a couple of accessories to make our bike riding more enjoyable. We went out for dinner and then drove out to Cycle Gear only to find that we were too late. The store was already closed, so we had to come back on Saturday morning. But when we did, Jay got a cool grey jacket and I got a new (computer) helmet. 🙂 Actually, I got my helmet at a different cycle shop (A.J. Foyt Cycles), but anyway let me tell you, I am in love with that helmet. It makes riding totally awesome. It was always fun, but with a full face helmet, riding is much quieter and way less windy!

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Best day of my life!

So last night, Gwendolyn and I got together. Its been 5 months for us now, and I decided to take her out to some place nice, Vargo’s. I had the lobster, while Gwendolyn had a huge veggie salad. The food was wonderful. Afterwards, we stayed and went walking around the lake, to look at the beautiful swans and peacocks, and to take in the wonderful night. There also happened to be a beautiful secluded gazebo. We went in and sat for a while. I started to whisper sweet nothings into Gwendolyns ear. Little did she know what was about to happen. With sweaty palms and a nervous stomach, I got down on my knee, and pulled a small box out of my pocket. It was then I asked the question Gwendolyn has been waiting for! She of course got very teary eyed but through the tears she said that magical word: YES!

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Upside Down Grapefruit

Well, the week has really flown by. I can’t believe it is already Friday! The weather has been amazing, but alas, I’ve been stuck inside doing homework the past couple of days. So I hope Mother Nature has a little sympathy for her old friend, Gwendolyn, and treats us to a glorious weekend. Well, the week was pretty uneventful except that Jay and I got to have dinner together on Wednesday and then work on the website. (hehe…and when I say we worked, I mean he worked and I watched.) But really, I think he has done an amazing job on our site, and I love it!

Hmmm…so I had planned to make a pineapple upside-down cake for Jay this weekend, but I might have found something even better…grapefruit upside-down cake! Yes…this will both satisfy his desire for cake and my new-found addiction to grapefruit. (I don’t know…I’ve been eating at least one a day for the last two weeks!) Mmm…citrus…
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