Camping Fun

IMG_7026.JPGWhat an awesome weekend! After a year of planning, okay not literally, (but I did have the idea a year ago to go camping with 4 other couples) we finally got one couple to go camping with us. Our friends Cory and Anne, from Gwendolyn’s HCPL days came along with us at Huntsville State Park. Overall the park is very nice with plenty of shade, a nice lake, and plenty of trails. The only thing negative about it, seems to be the lack of ‘privacy’. While most parks have spots that are more secluded or surrounded by brush, this one lacked either. It was pretty crowded, but I have to say, we were with a very polite group of campers. It was always peaceful and quiet.

IMG_7005.JPGGwendolyn’s favorite new camping thing is the camping kitchen we got at Academy before we left. We went to the store planning on getting an extra little table so we could keep our picnic table clear, but then Gwendolyn discovered the camping kitchen. She and Annie loved cooking on it this weekend. Check it out! One of the funner things we did was go mountain biking. Before leaving I bought a bike rack to take the bikes camping. Since Gwendolyn and I are on an exercise kick right now, what better way to get some exercise in while camping. Looking at the trails, I saw a loop that went around the entire lake, that was about 6 miles. Before this Gwendolyn and I have only ridden about 4-5 miles. Although I really wanted to do the big loop, I decided we should start small and ride to the front of the park and back. That was a good choice. Although we both had to walk our bikes up a few hills, I’m very proud of us both, for making it through. I know at about the 3/4’s mark for me, my legs were on fire. I was just dreading the next incline. The next day amazingly we didn’t feel to bad, so we decided to go for one more ride. We rode about 1.5miles to the damn, enjoyed some s’mores that were packed for us by Cory and Anne, and came back to pack up.

IMG_7014.JPGSpeaking of Cory and Anne, they made the camping trip so much more enjoyable. It was so much fun sitting around the campfire laughing and playing games and enjoying the funky flames! It even makes camp life easier when you have help cooking and cleaning. Amazingly this was Cory’s 2nd time to go camping! I have to say he’s already well equipped and well adjusted to the camping life. Thanks for joining us, guys. You rock!

Be sure to check out the photos!

Another try at Camping


On Memorial Day weekend, Gwendolyn and I decided to spend the time camping. We were worried as the weather reports weren’t looking too good. We decided to go ahead and brave the weather and if it got really bad, we’d just head home. So off to Lake Livingston we went on Saturday. Surprisingly there were a few campsites available when we got there, so we were able to pick out a nice spot that was a little secluded. We spent most of Saturday just getting camp set up and resting. All day it seemed like it wanted to rain but never did. That changed however. While we slept the rain decided to come. It really wasn’t that bad, and it would just rain and on off. By the time we got up the rain had pretty much stopped.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day! We ended up renting a canoe for a few hours. We had a good time out on the lake in it. It was my first time to go canoeing while Gwendolyn is an old pro at it… so she says. Before our canoe time was up we decided to head to the swimming area and jump in the water for a bit. I have to say it was pretty fun. I can’t tell you the last time I actually went swimming.

140-4029_IMG.JPGWhen we got back to camp we decided to make some dinner, as the weather started to look dim again. Sure enough, as soon as we were done, we knew it was going to storm any minute. I was trying to clean up the dishes, when suddenly I heard a loud clunk in front of me in the bushes. I blew it off as something falling from the trees. I start to walk back when I heard a few more, and saw some white thing on the ground. Then another and another. I go in for a closer inspection and notice that its ice! Then it all starts coming down! Gwendolyn and I run into the tent and are amazed by how much hail was coming down! Not only was there a lot, but I have never seen hail so big! They were at least half dollar sized. And hearing those things hit the tent was awesome. It was a constant bombardment of hail hitting the tent, like fireworks going off. At first we had the tent totally unzipped so we could see, but it got the point where they were flying in the tent and the tent was getting soaked that we had to zip it up. The whole thing was rather amazing.

Monday morning was cold and wet. It was no fun packing up wet stuff, and definitely no fun unpacking it and drying it out. But overall it was a great camping trip and experience, that was 100x better than the first time we went camping. 🙂

Here are the pictures.