Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

I’m not sure what to say or write now. As this post is one of the reasons I have not updated in weeks. I feel writing about it may make it all come back. Though maybe writing about it is a way to release all the feelings inside. So here goes..

On Sunday night, after returning from Galveston, my father calls me. He tells me that my uncle was killed in a car accident that morning. My mothers oldest brother, Frank Huber IV, was killed by another driver driving (speeding) on the wrong side of the freeway. Although not official, everyone assumes the other driver was drunk. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his wife Pat was only a few cars behind him, when the accident occurred.

We left early Wednesday for Cleveland. That afternoon was the first wake. I don’t think we were late, but by the time we arrived there was already a line out the door. I have to say Frank touched a lot of lives. He was very active and passionate about his hobbies. He had been involved in the Cleveland Soap Box Derby, where he participated as a kid, and then helped his own kids and nephews race. He also became the Scale Master, who did the weigh ins at the races. He also had a passion for MG cars, in which he attended many meets and runs. He had just purchased a new 1960 MGA only a month before. You can tell everyone there didn’t just know of Frank, they actually knew him, and I’m sure that Frank knew all of them.

Thursday afternoon and night we were at the wake again. I would say more people showed up that night than the night before. Friday was the day of the service and burial. We arrived early at the funeral home said our last goodbye, and drove to the church. The church service was really nice. What touched me most was the priest, talking how much Frank loved his cars. The reverend wanted to find a bible verse that might talk about cars, which of course there were none. So he found the closest thing. 2 Kings 2:11, in which Elijah is taken to heaven in chariot of fire. He then mentions that the song ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ come from that passage. He asks Franks family if it would be okay if we sung it, which they didn’t know he was going to do. He then brings out a guitar and sings and plays Swing Low. It was very touching. Another more touching moment was his son Tim, also picked up a guitar and singing ‘Worlds Apart’. I personally never know he can sing, and he sang beautifully. After the service, which filled the church, we went to the cemetery. The precession had to have been a mile long if not more. Once we reached the cemetery the clouds opened up, and down came the rain. As the reverend mentioned, it was a perfect for a Navy man. At the cemetery he was honnored by the US Navy, with a flag folding ceremony.

That night we spent at my uncle Bills house, with most of the family being there. We ate and drank, and remembered all the good times we’ve had with Frank, all saying goodbye to a truely great uncle, brother, husband, father, and son.

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