Another busy weekend. After buying a new TomTom GPSr (GPS Receiver) on Memorial day, I wanted to try a new hobby, called Geocaching. After hearing about it a few years ago, I’ve always wanted to try it. Unfortunately the main piece of equipment you need is a GPSr, which I never had. Now with my new receiver I wanted to give the hobby a try. I knew our friends Cory and Annie would also like it. To sum it up, its basically a modern day treasure hunt. Who doesn’t love hunting for treasures? First you log into Then you can search by zip codes for nearby caches. Pick and print the ones you want to go look for, and then plug in their coordinates into a GPS. Now GPS’s are only so good. They get you pretty close to where you should be, but then you have to use all your other senses to actually find the hidden cache. Once the cache is found, you sign a log saying you’ve been there and trade items if you choose.

IMG_7176.JPGOn Saturday we headed to Annies apartment in the Woodlands, and went out to eat at Nit Noi, which turned out to be pretty delicious. I’m not much for Thai food, but I might have to give it another shot now. After eating we went on our treasure hunt. I plugged in the coordinates for ‘JoslinsROCK!!! #!’, and off we went. The GPS lead us into a nearby subdivision. We parked in a cul-de-sac where there was a small forest between two houses. The location was showing beyond the trees. We got out of the car, and made our way through and around the patch of trees, to a nice little pond/park. It would have been easier coming from a different direction, but TomTom didn’t realize that. Once we started to get closer, we read the clues again saying ‘check the mightiest of pine trees’. I looked around and saw one that stood out. I walked in the woods a bit, and found a green ammo can covered with pine needles. We had found our first cache! Opening up we found wonderful treasures beyond our wildest dreams. No, I wish, they were just little kids nick-nacks, but fun none the less. We took a magic pterodactyl towel, and left a pirate rubber duckie. After that first find, I knew I was hooked.

IMG_7179.JPGOur second find was a little harder. We found the right area, in another forest like park. The area was too big to really look around aimlessly. Unfortunately my GPS doesn’t seem to work good with that kind of tree cover. We looked around for 10-15 mins and we were about to give up, when Cory, the natural outdoors man, went running deeper in the forest. A few mins later, he comes back with the cache. We all got excited, again and opened up our second cache. This time we took a small skull key chain, which I attached to my thumb drive, and left another duckie.

We tried for a third, but again, the area was too large and with my poor GPS being ‘off road’ it was a lost cause looking for it. I guess I need a new GPSr! One for hiking. Maybe not, as Cory said he had one that he’s never used. We were going to have to change that. We made plans for next Sunday to go out and make a day of Geocaching. I can’t wait!

On Sunday we headed back out to Gwendolyn’s parents, for a going away get together for Patrick. We had a great time with the family, and I went on Patricks last trip for a while to Fry’s. A store he will surely miss. 🙂 And of course we will miss him too. Hope everything goes great for you (and soon to be Mandy) up there in TN bro!