Halloween Party 2008

halloween 2008 011That’s funny,  I thought I had written about this last year, but it doesn’t look like.  Anyhow.. this past weekend was our 2nd annual Halloween party.  Spooky Sarah and Ghostly Gwendolyn have put on a great party for two hears in a row now.  There were delectable treats to be had along with pumpkin pong.  This year I came as my WoW character Zuria, who is a Troll Shaman.  It just so happened at BlizzCon they were selling a mask that happened to look exactly like my character.  I just had to buy it.  They were also selling Blood Elf ears, which would go with Gwendolyn’s Elf costume, which turned out nice, thanks to her mothers help.

I’m glad the party was as successful as last year, so we can keep it an annual tradition!