Memorial Day

For memorial day weekend, we decided to invite our parents over for a little BBQ. My parents came over early so I could do some errands in the truck. We dropped Gwendolyn and my mom off at Arbor Gate, while my dad and I went to Lowes. I wanted to pick up some wood to make a new DVD/CD shelf. Patrick and I came up with a nice design the other week. When done, it will hold all our cd’s, dvd’s and have a small cabinet to hide our guitar hero guitars. 🙂

We picked up the wood, then headed back to Arbor Gate, which has become Gwendolyns favorite garden center. The place is pretty nice. It’s really big and has anything imaginable for your garden. All the plants are in really good shape, and they actually have deals on some.

When we were done shopping we headed back and got home right before Gwendolyns parents arrived. They had actually just gotten back from Hawaii with Patrick and his fiance Mandy. They told us about the trip and showed us some pictures. One day, we will have to go there! After catching up we cooked the hamburgers, which turned out awesome. I’ve been craving them ever since!

Overall it was a great day spent with the family. I’ll have some pictures of it soon.