Graduation Day

The weekend after I got back from Ohio, we went to Beaumont to celebrate Patricks Graduation. We drove up Friday night and stayed with Patrick. On Saturday morning was the graduation. He graduated from Lamar University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After the graduation, we caravaned out to Galveston. We headed south to a secluded area of beach. Its a good thing too. For Patricks graduation, he had gotten a 16,000 roll of Black Cats firecrackers! Not to mention the few boxes full of other assorted fireworks. We spent the night sitting and eating around a bon fire, and blowing stuff up. What more could a new graduate ask for? 🙂

Sunday was mothers day, so we had breakfast with Gwendolyns family, and then headed over to my parents. We spent the afternoon with them, and took my mom out to eat. It was a great fun weekend.

Check out the photos here.